Terms of Service

Course Fighter (EWC) Terms and Conditions

1.0 Definition of Terms 

“Website” means an aggregate amount of the web pages available at coursefighter.com and all sub-domains thereof, where the Services are offered.

Services” refers to various types of written tasks, including essays, research papers, dissertations, and other written academic works and professional tasks that are requested by the Client. 

Terms & Conditions” or “T&C” terms of use also include Privacy Policy, Money Back Guarantee.

We,” “Us” “Ours” means Course Fighter(EWC) and any other aspect or affiliate that is legally binding to the company in question. 

User”, “You”, “Client” means a natural person, individual entrepreneur or a legal entity that is registered on the Website as the user and has accepted these Terms and anyone submitting, bidding, executing an order, uploading any information and transferring payments on this Website;

Writer” is a person employed or other ways contracted by us as a freelancer, who provides research and writing services to the Client, according to the agreement with us.

Account” means the personalized section of the Website, closed for public access, which is created after the User’s registration. The account is personalized by Your Account name and password.

Order” is an electronic request for a paid Service from the Client for a particular writing Service. Order refers to the written order that was submitted in electronic form online on our Website by the Client. An Order includes the work in its entirety along with its consumer requirements.  

2.0 Registration and Order Placing  

2.1 In the process of registering with the Website, please use a valid email address where you can be reached with ease. We may be required to contact you. Providing an incorrect email address is a violation of these terms and conditions.

2.2 Client places an Order on the site. We do not collect any fees for placing orders. 

2.3 Writer assignment. After the client makes payment of their order, a writer is assigned who is responsible for delivering quality work according to client’s requirements and deliver within the specified timeline by the client. 

2.4 Messaging System. We use the messaging system for communicating which is available at the client’s page. All communications, be it between client and support or client and writer are all conducted within the website. Client is not allowed to share personal contact information with writers at all cost as it will be termed as a violation of the terms and conditions. 

2.5. Tracking the job order status. When a job order is created by a Customer, both Customer and Writer can use the tracking system to know the status of the job. The possible statuses of the job are:

Bidding” – A job order is created by Client. Client waits for Writers' bids.

In Progress” - Client selects a suitable Writer and approves the bid. Writer starts the work on Order. Writer delivers the first version of the Product. Client reviews the Product and asks for revision.

Finished” – The status will appear after the Client clicks "release 100% money" button. 

Cancelled by Customer” - Client cancels order which is in "Bidding" or "In Progress" status; no financial implication for the Client.

Cancelled by Writer” - Writer doesn't want to work on order which is "In Progress"; no financial implication for the Client.

Cancelled by System” - system cancels the Order automatically due to no payment / expired deadline / violation of clause 2.4. herein / violation of clauses 8-9 herein / not relevant order; no financial implication for the Client.

3.0 Order Payment  

  3.1 Placing an Order on the Website for any job/project is absolutely free. You can pay for your order at any time within your comfort. After payment is made, the chosen writer is now responsible for taking care of your order based on your required details and specifications. The final order will be sent to you via the system where you are allowed to ask for any type of revision or clarification from the writer. After you accept the final document and mark the order as ‘Completed’ you can’t send us any complaints or revision requests. 

3.2 After 7 days from the Order deadline and there is no communication or any activity on the order, the order will be market completed by the system. In case the Order was at the final stage, it will automatically become auto-finished. 

3.3 If you do not plan to use our services and you had deposited cash in your account on our website, we will be allowed to withdraw the money after sending of appropriate request. We ensure funds withdrawal to the User's account upon request. We will refund it within 4-6 business days after the request is placed.

3.4 You are responsible for paying any taxes, including any services or value added taxes, which may be applicable depending on the jurisdiction of the Services provided.

3.5 Depending on your residency or location, you may be subject to certain ad valorem or other taxes, on certain fees that we charge. These taxes will be added to fees billed to you, if applicable.

3.6 You acknowledge that you must comply with your obligations under income tax provisions in your jurisdiction.

4.0 Order Processing  

4.1. Order volume. Each Order placed by the Client has a required volume, that is measured by the number of pages, unless it is a technical job that does not require number of pages, like mathematics and codding, One-page equals to 275 words. Upon the Product delivery the document received has to match the expected number of pages metric and if technical, the job has to match the required quality and quantity standards. Should there be a page/number of words mismatch, the Client may request to reformat the paper to match the number of words/pages or request an additional of analysis of the technical task in place.

4.2. Changes of Order details. The Client may provide changes to the scope of work only if the Writer has not started the work yet. No changes can be made once the Writer has started researching and working on the Order. Should the Order details increase in volume, order complexity or narrow the completion terms, the Client will be asked to cancel the current Order and place a new one with correct requirements.

4.3. Resources. Should the Client require specific resource material to be utilized in the Order process, she/he must specify those resources and/or provide them to the Writer

4.4. Communication. The Client is highly encouraged to communicate with the Writer, using the chat at the Website, and with our support team, using the messaging system of the Website, when seeking more information.

4.5. Progress tracking. The Client may track the progress of his/her Orders by using his/her personal Account, where information about his/her Order and its status is displayed. The Client may as well contact support by using messaging system of the Website available 24/7, to get updates on his or her Order status or any other information that they may need regarding the order.

5.0 Order Delivery and Revision 

  5.1. We are responsible for the delivery of all orders placed and for meeting the preferred deadline indicated.

5.2. It is the Client’s personal responsibility to ensure availability of delivery channels once we have provided the order to the Client. We will not be held responsible for an incorrect email address indicated by the Client in the profile, spam filters, internet outages and general client negligence to provide communication channels and other contact means which are beyond our control. The Client is encouraged to contact support for any kind of assistance with an Order’s delivery.

5.3. The Client is held responsible for downloading the Product in a timely manner after the Product has been provided by us.

5.4 Order Revision 

5.4.1. The Client has the right to request revisions as long as the they do not mark the order completed. After the client marks an order as complete, there will be no options of asking for revisions for the same order. In such a case, you are advised to create a new order with the revision instructions. 

5.4.2. Please note that we reserve the right to decline or limit multiple revisions requests from a client who may in a way pose to be exploiting a writer with no reason. We are always limited to a total of 3 revisions for every order. If at all your revision requests exceed the number, we will review your order and get to decide if your claims are genuine or not.  

6.0 Use of Our Products  

6.1. When making a payment for an Order or any service on our site, You agree it is for personal and non-commercial use only and the payment You make is compensation of the time and effort put into conducting relevant research and writing pertaining to your Order or service requested as well as all the necessary maintenance and administration for Product delivery.

6.2. You are not allowed to reproduce, modify, distribute or display the Product in any way on the Internet or in the form of a hard copy over a reasonable limit necessary for personal use.

7.0 Money Back Guarantee/ Refund Policy  

Course Fighter assess refund requests on a case-by-case basis as there are usually unique reasons why a refund request is made. In the process, note that we may require documented proof to show the quality of your order is low (scanned copy of your instructors’ feedback, plagiarism report and any other valid information to prove the quality of the order delivered). In the process of requesting a refund, the order will immediately be sent to ‘Under dispute’ where the order will be sent to our Quality Assurance Department (QA). It is at this point where the claims will be investigated and a solution drawn, where the necessary corrective measures will be taken. Based on the evaluation and deductions of the QA department, reimbursement will be done based on the percentage of the incorrect content in the paper and mistakes present and sited. 

There are various communication and contact channels with which we can be contacted (i.e email, telephone, message board, and live chat). Our customer support center is always available, 24/7. Feel free to contact us through either of the above channels and we will be available to help you with whatever query you may have, this included disputes. However, if a refund is not requested or received through the aforementioned methods within the refund period, the company will at no point be liable or obliged to honor or consider the above-named request whatsoever.  

The refund period begins on the day a client places an order and pays for it, and ends after the refund period.

Course Fighter offers a 2-day refund period after the order is delivered to the client. This is what we term as the refund period. 

  Refund Policy-Clients 

We guarantee our customers full/ partial refund in case of the following events  If the Customer’s request does not fit into any category, he/she can contact the Support Team to discuss the nature of the request and it will be considered. 

1. Order Cancellation

If a Customer decides to cancel an Order, the following rules/policies apply: 

  1. If the Customer decides to cancel an Order when no Writer has been assigned, then the Customer has the right to a 100% compensation. 
  2. If the Customer decides to cancel an Order when a Writer has already been assigned, the amount of compensation cannot exceed 70%, because the writer's work must be compensated. 
  3. In case the Writer is assigned and more than half the deadline has passed, the Customer is entitled to a 50% compensation. * In case of Order cancellation, the Customer cannot use any of the products or drafts that have been provided prior to cancellation and all copyrights go back to the Company. 

2. Late Delivery

In case of delayed delivery of a product, the Customer is entitled to a Time Delivery Difference Compensation, which is calculated in every case separately, depending on the initial deadline and the time of delay. 

Any order delivered past the client’s original deadline is entitled to a 100% refund.

The client may, however, voluntarily offer deadline extensions upon the request of the expert working on the order.

Compensation for delay cannot be provided if:

  1. The delay was a consequence of actions made by the Customer. This includes a delay in payment, delay in the provision of necessary sources, or failure to respond to questions or requests from us in a timely manner. 
  2. The inability to receive the product on time due to technical complications of Customer’s internet provider, Browser, vague or invalid contact information, (i.e email, phone no. etc) 
  3. The Customer provided a deadline extension voluntarily. 

3. Bad Quality Claims

  1. If the Customer is not satisfied with the provided product and would like to get compensation, the Quality Assurance Team will conduct an investigation. The Customer needs to provide detailed feedback that indicates a mismatch in the Order instructions. The resolution of the Customer’s claim will be based on the result of the investigation. Note: in an instance where a bad quality claim is filed, and the order was previously sent for Revision, a compensation will not exceed 70%, because a request for Revision indicates that that customer has partially approved of the piece. 
  2. If the claim for compensation is due to a bad grade, such cases cannot be considered valid. The paper that is created by the Company is for reference purposes only and is not ready for any submission. 
  3. If the claim is that the paper is unoriginal, a “Turnitin.com” report is required. There will be no other reports that can be accepted to conduct an investigation by the Quality Assurance Team. The similarity level should be less than 15% to be considered. 
  4. If the compensation is requested for Editing, Proofreading, or Formatting Order, the investigation will not be conducted if a bad quality claim is of contextual nature. Editing, proofreading, and formatting services do not presuppose input to the original context. 
  5. If a compensation request is for an order with a less than 3-hours deadline, this request may be declined. This is due to the fact that the quality of a rush order may be compromised because of the small-time frames. Please keep in mind that by placing a rush order, you agree to the stated terms and they may not be argued. 

Order Details/Preferences

  1. Any Purchased Order Preferences are non-refundable as are inseparable from the initial product and service provided. The only exceptions are ‘Draft’, ‘1-page summary’ or ‘Plagiarism report’ features if they are not provided to the Customer in addition to the product. 
  2. The Customer may select a Writer to work on the Order by indicating his/her ID number in the ‘Preferred Writer ID’ field on the Order form. By doing so, the Customer acknowledges that there is no 100% guarantee that the specific Writer is available to work on the Order. Should such an instance occur, the Company reserves the right to assign the best available specialist in the Subject Area of the Order, matching Preferred Writer performance level. Compensation for the cost of the Preferred Writer feature can only be placed in the customer’s account toward a future order. 
In Order to submit a compensation request, the Customer must contact the Support Team within 2 days after the Order was delivered to the client (Refund Period).

The Billing Department representative requires at least 7 working days to review the request and will contact the Customer with a resolution by e-mail.

Our representative has the right to request any additional information from the Customer that is required to process the claim correctly.

Once the Customer receives a refund confirmation, the Company will process it within 7 business days from the confirmation date. Please note, that the Company cannot be held responsible for any Bank Transfer fees, peculiarities of transfer, and possible delays occurring due to Bank service issues.

Refunds can only be processed if they are more than 50 (Ten) USD. If the transaction is for a smaller amount - it cannot be processed due to the fact that it barely covers transaction fees both of the Company and Clients’ bank. Any refund amount less than $50 will be applied to the customer’s account for use toward a future order.

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