Plagiarism policy

At Course Fighter, we have a zero-tolerance policy against answers containing plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offense that not only affects the student who posted the question but it also hurts Course Fighter as a platform and its tutor community as a whole.

What is considered plagiarism?

  • Copying someone else’s work
  • Cutting and pasting blocks of text without documenting the sources
  • Including media and/or images without crediting the sources
  • Careless paraphrasing
  • Poor documentation ‎
  • Excessive quoting ‎
  • Failure to use your own “voice”
  • Taking work, you’ve created elsewhere and turning it in again without changes
  • Wrong Referencing and citation.

What are the consequences of Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a serious offense that has legal and financial consequences. Students caught plagiarizing significantly usually receive a zero on their assignments and may be referred to their school’s honor council as a result. This tarnishes Course Fighter’s reputation as a platform dedicated to producing original, high-quality work, and each case of plagiarism directly increases customer acquisition costs. This is unfair to both the student and the community of tutors at Course Fighter submitting legitimate work.

If plagiarism checkers reveal your paper to exceed more than 15% plagiarized content, you as a tutor will be potentially subject to:
  • A $100.00 fine or 200% value of the order (whichever is higher)
  • A maximum of 7days suspension of your account
  • Legal action on the part of Course Fighter against you
  • Punitive damages sought by the student against you
  • A permanent ban from the platform if this happens more than two times in a 30 days period.

While Course Fighter takes a hard stance against plagiarism, we also will seek out the most accurate and fair solutions as well as take mitigating circumstances into account. Always check your paper using Turnitin plagiarism checker software before turning your answer. Also, make sure the Turnitin you are using does not have a repository to store files since that answer will be 100%plagiarized. So take caution on using the software. If you are worried because you are not confident in your ability to deliver original work, then do not participate.
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