the six source essay expanded synthesis 1 –

the six source essay expanded synthesis 1 –

Topic: Body Cameras for Law Enforcement Officials

The Six-Source Essay: Expanded Synthesis

Summary of assignment

• Task: The six-source essay asks you to synthesize the arguments of six sources

• Length: Minimum of 1300 words.

  • Format: APA
  • • Sources: A total of six sources, all of which you will find through library searches.

    Please use only six sources. Please do not incorporate more than six sources into this essay.

    Articles to Use for the Essay For this essay,

    you will select at least six articles on a topic of your choice. The articles should be on the same topic but feature different perspectives, research methods, opinions, or conclusions about some aspects of the topic.

    Point of view For this essay,

    you will use third-person point of view. Please do not use first person point of view (e.g., “I,” “me,” “we”) in writing this essay. In addition, please do not use second-person point of view (“you” or “your”) in writing this essay”

    APA Style
    The paper should be formatted in APA style.
    In summary,
    you should observe the following:

    • Use one-inch margins. Double space.
    • Use size 12 Times New Roman font.
    • Include a running head.
    • Include page numbers.
    • Include a title page.
    • Include a “References” page on which you list the articles in APA style
    • Do not include an abstract. This paper is not long enough to warrant an abstract.

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