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Requirement: Double space, minimum 3 pages (use the knowledge of PPT i provided ——business valuation as a going concern type )Ten years ago Tom Civil purchased a former corner store property, for the price of $80,000, located in the small town of Kinkville, Nova Scotia, and renovated the old building on the property and started a coffee shop (a sole proprietorship operating under the business name “Civilized Coffee Services” or “CCS”). There are two other coffee shops in town, but Tom’s business does well (over the years he becomes friends and acquaintances with most of the local Kinkville “mucky-mucks”) and in the past five (5) years his business has an EBITDA (i.e. earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of the following:2016 $32,0002015 $23,0002014 $19,0002013 $15,0002012 $26,000The assets of the business consist of the above mentioned land, building, inventory and equipment, which have the following book and market values:Table 1AssetBook ValueMarket ValueLand2000020000building4200090000inventory20002500equipment40004500The most recent financial statements of CCS, as of February 2017, show owner’s equity of $42,000.Tom offers to sell the business as a going concern, including the land other assets, to his close friend Laura Rose for $150,000, and Laura comes to you, a certified business valuator, for your opinion on this price. What do you think? Write an opinion letter to Laura. Justify your answer.

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