Unit 6 Assignment – Employee Development


Employee professional development (PD) is an area all organizations must continually support. As a leader, you may have the opportunity to support employee development in conflict management. For this assignment, you will create an assessment (quiz) for medical assistants (MAs) of your organization, Herzing Hospital, to complete. The purpose of this assessment is to establish a baseline competency, so you may develop additional PD materials and training to support individual and organizational development.   


  • Quiz audience: Medical Assistants within Herzing Hospital  
  • Quiz content: Conflict management awareness – questions may be scenarios, asking the employee how they would handle a situation. No formal knowledge of conflict techniques or styles is expected.  
  • Quiz purpose: To identify a baseline competency for conflict management within the MA employee group. 


  • Using a Word document, create a 15-question quiz.  
    • 13 questions multiple-choice  
    • 2 questions free text/open response  
  • For each multi-choice question: list the correct answer as a) and highlight in green. (If you were to build out this quiz in an online platform, answers would be randomized.) 
  • For each multi-choice question: list three incorrect answers.  
  • APA requirements: title and reference pages, three sources, in-text citations if applicable.  
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