Facilitating Conflict Resolution

Each person has their own style of managing conflict. When collaborative or team-based work is involved, conflict styles may clash, resulting in a tense or unproductive environment.  

For this assignment, you will be challenged to facilitate an effective, collaborative work environment, even with employees who have very different approaches to conflict.  

  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation.  
  • Demonstrate your approach to supporting the following work teams. The team member’s conflict management style (according to the TKI) is provided.  
    • Team A: Andy (Competing) and Amy (Accommodating)  
    • Team B: Brie (Avoiding) and Barry (Collaborating)  
  • Create a fictional conflict, relevant to the healthcare field, for both Team A and Team B. Then, describe how you would lead and empower each team to resolve their conflict amicably.  
  • A combination of slide text and speaker’s notes may be used to illustrate your scenario and facilitation techniques.  
  • APA requirements: Title and reference slides, three sources, in-text citations.  
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