Unit 4 Assignment – ADR: Patient and Provider Satisfaction

As explained in Unit 3, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is commonly used in healthcare settings. For this assignment, you will conduct research to determine if ADR is the preferred method for patient and provider satisfaction, and why or why not. To help inform your research, you may use the following questions to narrow scholarly article search results:  

  • Do patients prefer ADR or formal litigation?  
  • Do providers and healthcare institutions prefer ADR or formal litigation?  
  • How does ADR or formal litigation support or deteriorate a) patient satisfaction and b) provider satisfaction.  

While this assignment focuses on ADR, the elements of understanding conflict styles are essential to the success and implementation of ADR. Reflect on how the TKI, PIN model, and Transactional analysis could influence the ADR process. You do not need to address this in your essay, however it may be useful as supplemental research.  

Format: Essay 

Length: 2-3 pages  

APA requirements: Title and reference pages, in-text citations, three scholarly sources.  


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