Unit 7 Assessment – Celebrating Your Contributions to the Humanities

You ARE the Humanities 

In Unit 7, you learned about some of the challenges facing the Humanities as we move further away from hand-created artifacts toward technology-assisted artifacts, and you have learned that is also a reason to celebrate as technology continues to provide creative equity in all areas of the arts.

In your final assessment, you will be creating an ePortfolio showcasing two artifacts you created and a reflection on your experiences creating for the Humanities.

Step 1

Decide on two of your artifacts from Units 2 – 6 that best represent your interests or talents in the Humanities and revise or edit as needed based on your instructor’s assignment feedback. Submit each revised artifact to the assignment link.

Step 2

Write a reflection of 3 to 5 well-developed paragraphs sharing your academic experience learning about other cultures and historical times as well as your creative experience in this course. Submit this reflection as an MS Word document through the same assignment link.

Some things to consider. Think about areas of the Humanities you are now interested in exploring further…whether you will go back to playing on your old keyboard, guitar, or another instrument…how knowing more about the societies and peoples that came before us allows us to celebrate humanity today.

If you use source material in your reflection (not required), please remember to cite sources using APA format and provide reference entries for every source used.  

Unit 7 Assignment – Conflict Management Policy


Imagine that you are newly hired at a healthcare facility as an administrator. In your first few days at work, you discover the facility has no conflict management policy. After consulting with the appropriate individuals, you have been tasked with creating one. 

  • Document type: Policy and Procedures for Conflict Management
  • Length: 3-5 pages
  • Audience: All employees of your healthcare facility
  • Content
    • Table of contents
    • Whom the policy applies to
    • Purpose of the policy
    • Definitions of conflict: conflict styles, theories, etc.
    • Best practices for employees involved in conflict
    • Best practices for managers/supervisors involved in conflict
    • Resources for employee training and development in conflict resolution techniques (at least three)
    • Resources for manager/supervisor training and development in conflict resolution techniques (at least three)
    • Contact information for any questions [provide fictional information for the facility’s HR department]
  • APA requirements: Title and reference pages, six (6) sources, in-text citations as appropriate (direct quotes should be limited due to the nature of a policy document).

Unit 6 Assessment – Your Job Search


There are many different approaches you can use in your job search. The best approach for you may not be the best for others looking for a job. Analyze your career goals and current professional situation and consider the approach you think will work for you.   

Unit 6 Assessment – It’s Time to Take Center Stage

In Unit 6, you learned about the many forms of creative expression, including music, musical instruments, dance, drama, and others, and now it is time to explore your own creative talents. In this assignment, you will create an artifact where you are the artist. Some ideas to consider include:

Creating a dance or performing one.

Singing a song or writing one.

Playing an instrument

Reading a scene from a play, a poem, or a short story.

Creating a painting, drawing, or craft.

Cooking a favorite dish

Playing Mindcraft or other non-violent computer game



In this artifact, your presentation will be determined by the talent you share. To record a literary reading, musical instrument playing, singing, or other performing arts, creating a video is a strong option. For painting, drawing, or craft work, taking images as the artifact develops and inserting those into a Powerpoint or a Prezi is a solid option. Use what format you are comfortable with, and visit this link for helpful tutorials.

You can also use phone apps or website apps to create music, make digital artwork, and many more. Some links to get you started:


A free music maker. https://www.oceanwaves.io/currents/SyBFxczTeuFvH3A67 Links to an external site.This website allows you to create music using a library of sounds, record it, and save it to your profile. From the profile, you click the link button and share that link in your assignment submission.


For drawing, creating clip art collages, and other options, visit https://sketch.io/sketchpad/ Links to an external site.. This website allows you to freestyle using brush, pen, thin line, and other drawing options. It also has standard textbox options to capture your drawing and clipart and is free to use. Once complete, click on the three dots at the bottom left and choose ‘export.’ Select JPEG, give your work a title, save it to your computer, then upload through the assignment link.


the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of the creative process. Did you find it challenging to decide what to create or how to create it? Think also about the feelings you had while creating. Could you feel the creative energy artists often talk about? How might that be an important stress reducer as you continue in your academic journey? (1 or more well-developed paragraphs)


on how the Humanities is made up of artifacts just like yours that present a unique expression of the human experience.  Are you encouraged to create more artifacts after the course is over? (1 or more well-developed paragraphs)

Estimated time to complete: 3-4 hours

A reminder not to use source material in this assignment.  

Unit 6 Assignment – Employee Development


Employee professional development (PD) is an area all organizations must continually support. As a leader, you may have the opportunity to support employee development in conflict management. For this assignment, you will create an assessment (quiz) for medical assistants (MAs) of your organization, Herzing Hospital, to complete. The purpose of this assessment is to establish a baseline competency, so you may develop additional PD materials and training to support individual and organizational development.   


  • Quiz audience: Medical Assistants within Herzing Hospital  
  • Quiz content: Conflict management awareness – questions may be scenarios, asking the employee how they would handle a situation. No formal knowledge of conflict techniques or styles is expected.  
  • Quiz purpose: To identify a baseline competency for conflict management within the MA employee group. 


  • Using a Word document, create a 15-question quiz.  
    • 13 questions multiple-choice  
    • 2 questions free text/open response  
  • For each multi-choice question: list the correct answer as a) and highlight in green. (If you were to build out this quiz in an online platform, answers would be randomized.) 
  • For each multi-choice question: list three incorrect answers.  
  • APA requirements: title and reference pages, three sources, in-text citations if applicable.